Where in the World is MIP? - Exhibitions & Shows

Still to Come ...

Working on projects this year.
20/20 Vision - 20 Artists | 20 Views | 20 Days 8th Sep - 27th Sep 2015

What has passed already ...
Personal Favorites, 2-3, 9-10, 16-17 Nov 2013 @ One+2 Galler
Kimberley, Spice Islands and Komodo Island - Sept 2013
Tri-County Biennial 4-29th March 2013
ArtiGras 2013 16-18 Feb 2013
26th Boca Raton Art Show, 12-13 Jan 2013
24th Delray Art Show, 19-20 Jan 2013

Use our Follow Us page - "Where in the World are the MIP Photographers?" link to see if we are in the field.  Use the Satellite view button on the SPOT page to get a better perspective of the trrain we are in.

Note: MIP makes every effort to ensure the color/tone reproduction of our electronic display images and prints are as close as current technology permits.  However, there are certain fundamental differences between the media types which always introduce small differences.