About Mosaic Images Photography

Mosaic Images Photography provides a unique opportunity to explore, capture and share the amazing nature, landscape, and panoramic images that illustrate this beautiful world we live in.

With over 50 years combined experience in photography, MIP photographers capture the evocative treasures on this planet. We hope our passion is obvious, and that you will enjoy the images as much as we are honored to bring them to you. 

Patrica Godwin
A second hand Kodak Brownie Box camera  from my grandma captured my first photo and my heart.  I was so excited to document Buffalo Bills grave with the majestic Rocky Mountains in the background.
I'm quickly approaching 30 years since the Kodak Brownie days and have graduated into the magical era of Nikon digital cameras.
My images are printed with minimal use of digital or artistic enhancement.  Simplistic or high tech, my passion is capturing a moment and permitting my viewer to feel as if they were immersed in the moment with me.

Gregory Foulds
Since being promised my father's 2 1/4 in square roll film Voigtlander camera on my 11th birthday for my 12th I've been connected to this visual art form ever since.
More and more I'm seeing the world in not only a realistic perspective but also looking for abstractions or detail that we all miss in the scurry and blur of our lives.   

Nature, in all its glory, keeps me behind the lens today. My constant goal is to capture the unique perspectives of panoramic and macro photography.  

My first B&W photos were taken on my 12th birthday using a Voigtlander 2 1/4 square bellows camera and then processing and printing in a makeshift bathroom “darkroom”, which goes someway to explain my passion for photography.  I was also inspired by early issues of Nat Geo, which compelled me to travel and thoroughly document my adventures.

Since digital imaging became practical for us mere mortals I have found renewed interest in finding landscapes that I want to gaze at over again and again.
I've also rediscovered how much fun it is to pass on my knowledge of the skills and “art” inherit in capturing an appealing image.  Look out for my “Photo Safaris” and Master Class In ...” sessions next year.
The digital age of photography has opened up a new golden age of photography.  I can't wait to explore the limits of this image capture approach.

Roxanne Marcelle Epstein
Movement has been a constant theme in my artistic expression.  I enjoy exploring with several mediums and techniques in my art.  My collages are designed to expose insights into my persona through the use of layers of materials, color and textures. The layers represent my emotional layers.  They reveal the cacophony of the human condition.
I favor vivid colors applied to various textured materials;  fabric, handmade papers, and canvas.  I enjoy using the Impacto and sgraffits techniques that incorporate both french and wax pastels (its all about blending and layers) and etching tools of all types.
Helene Jaeger
Since I was eight years old and got my first My Little Pony camera, my life's passion continues to revolve around photography. Using my background in visual communication as a catalyst to express my creative side, while keeping true to my love of contemporary art.
My style of photography is geared toward a less is more, clean cut philosophy. Chasing the sun light in order to capture beautiful landscapes, sunsets, reflections, and street shots. My latest venture is surf-photography and I'm enjoying it even if it means many hours in the freezing cold (Norway does have surf), those that know me would agree this new venture suits my adventurous and spontaneous nature.
I am currently working on a collection of doors and windows. There is something personal about looking at the outside of someone's home, it represents different personalities and histories. The diversity it uncovers really makes this collection so fun and interesting.

Note: MIP makes every effort to ensure the color/tone reproduction of our electronic display images and prints are as close as current technology permits.  However, there are certain fundamental differences between the media types which always introduce small differences.

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